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The Sonix duo is a dynamic contemporary music wind duo. We value O.U.R. music; Outrageous, Unique, Revolutionary. The duo formed in 2018 in Royal Northern College of Music and based in Manchester today. Specialized in contemporary music, the duo collaborates with UK-based composers and artists closely. The duo has been giving various performances and workshops around Manchester such as performances in Ashcroft School, Bridge College in 2018 and concerts in Didsbury Emmanuel Church in 2019.

"— You are both incredible musicians and your interpretation of my piece is above and beyond anything I could have imagined and hoped for —"

- Emily Pederson, Composer

Sonix’s concerts programmes a wide range of music from Beethoven to acoustics music with electronics. The duo is constantly exploring the possibility of interpreting ‘music’ by transcribing their own arrangements and collaborating with different artists to bring avant-garde performances to live.

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